The Curse of The BIM Manager

I am an engineer and BIM enthusiast who now cringes when I hear the word BIM. I know I am not alone and I also know that the introduction of VDC, Digital Construction or as I heard the other day … We simply call it ‘Digital’ (Delivered in a very our BIM is better than your BIM fashion, void of all collaborative thought) will not stop this feeling. To me this is the Curse of the BIM Manager.
The digitalisation of the construction industry is happening and along with this unfortunately comes the opportunists…

This post is not aimed at the experienced construction industry professional who have championed the BIM movement utilising there experience to drive change in their sector

I am questioning how we deal with the BIM skill shortage and how we define the skill set of a BIM manager / professional

Currently the profile of BIM managers I encounter is either former CAD Manager who has no real drive for change or worst still Revit Modeller who knows what COBie is.

Is it time for the chartered institutes to define the characteristics required to become a professionally certified BIM manager. 

In my opinion to drive change in for example the engineering profession a BIM manager must have an understanding of 

Design Management

Work flows specific to the discipline of which they are a BIM Manger

Basic knowledge of Construction Law

A Basic Commercial understanding (we are fundamentally in business to make money)
And of course an awareness of current Technologies


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