Is 2016 really the year of Level 1 BIM ??

We know the mandate for Level 2 is 2016, the website has been launched, the government has allocated new funds and the BIM Trojan horse is galloping off over yonder hill…

Rhino, Grasshopper, Dynamo, engineering design automated by complex computational workflows!? Whilst I don’t deny there are pockets of excellence within various organisations across the construction industry, it is not as wide spread as the case studies and promotional videos will have you believe.

From my experience and those of fellow professional in other organisations the level of Revit alone is still on an upward slope of enlightnment.

This is still unfortunately coupled with a lack of BIM understanding from senior management … I still hear tales of comments like ‘we only work in Revit from stage 3/4 onwards, otherwise it cost to much’

Fundamentally the industry needs to take a breath and re focus on training and upskilling across the construction sector

The reality of most projects is something aligned to Level 1 BIM 3D modelling and 2D drafting side by side with the use of a CDE (you know Buzzsaw, 4project etc)

All this BIM wash is causing a mass of confusion which is actually very detrimental to UK BIM. Other Global and EU nations are waking up to the potential economic benefit of BIM and the potential to export their expertise, is it now the time to adopt a cards on the table  approach to BIM? (HonestBIM)

For UK BIM to be successful it cannot be confined to exemplars it has to happen tangibly on a day to day basis and become the norm, this will take time an may need a refocus on current guidance?

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  1. caseyrutland says:

    Another top post! Keep them coming… do you mind if I re-post this on my blog?

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    1. tangiblebim says:

      My mum taught me ‘honesty is always the best policy’ maybe the name of the Blog should be HonestBIM

      A re-post would be great !


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